Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio
948 Route 1 Bypass, Portsmouth, NH
(603) 433-2009
How To Sign Up 
You can sign up by phone or by email
  • You can call the Portsmouth Ballroom (603-433-2009) and leave your information on the answering machine.  Please speak slowly and clearly to ensure we understand your request correctly.  (You may get a receptionist, if you call after 6:00pm.)
  • You can send an email by clicking the "contact us" link on the bottom of the page.

Whichever way you choose, please include the following information

  • Your name(s), and a contact number where we can call you. We may need to contact you before the first class if any changes occur.
  • The dance class that you want to join, including the start date and time that the class is scheduled for.
Ballroom Dancing is done as a couple.
If you are one student, and need a partner, please let us know before the class starts.
We do have dancers
we can contact for help.
e cannot guarentee that there will be a partner for you.
(If the instructor dances with a single, that single will 
not necessarily have a partner the whole class as the instructor will 
have to attend others in the class.)

Please bring
cash or check to pay when you show up for class.  Dress comfortably and casually.  Wear shoes that stay on your feet and are easy to turn in.  If the weather is bad, please bring a dry pair of shoes.  Please, no wet shoes on the dance floor.

Please show up ten to fifteen minutes early for your first class.  We have a registration card we would like you to fill out for us.  If you have any other questions,  please ask us.

The Portsmouth Ballroom is a non-smoking, alcohol and drug free environment.
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