Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio
948 Route 1 Bypass, Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 433-2009

December 2017 and January 2018
Classes run for four weeks (four 55 minute sessions) unless noted*. Cost: $56 per person.
There is a minimum requirement of five people for a class to run.
We will contact you if the class is not going to run. (Please leave a contact number with us.)
We also offer Private Lessons for $65 per hour. No contacts, no pressure. Please ask one of our staff for details.
Beginner Classes

Beginner Ballroom I
In ballroom classes we teach Foxtrot,

East Coast Swing, and Waltz

Day Start Date Time Instructor
MondayJan 8 6:00pmJoanne
TuesdayJan 237:00pmPeggi

Beginner Swing

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
WednesdayJan 17 6:00pmPeggi

Beginner Salsa

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
ThursdayJan 46:00pmTom

Level II and Higher Ballroom

Ballroom II

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
WednesdayDec 67:00pmPeggi

Ballroom III

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
MondayNov 276:00pmJoanne
WednesdayJan 37:00pmPeggi

Ballroom XI

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
Jan 47:00pmTom

Salsa III

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
MondayDec 46:00pmTom

New Prices starting in 2018
4 week class - $56 per person
Private lessons - $65 per hour
5 hour Private package - $300

Intermediate/ Advanced Classes

Nite Club 2 Step

Saturday 5:00pmPeggi

 Intermediate Cha Cha

DayStart DateTimeInstructor
TuesdayJan 27:00pmRon Gursky

Continuing Classes

Intermediate Bronze (on going)
Day Time Instructor
Thursdays 6:00pm Peggi

Guest Artist Ron Gursky

West Coast Swing III

Day Start DateTime
Friday Dec 87:30pm

West Coast Swing IV

DayStart DateTime
FridayJan 127:30 pm

Beginner Quickstep II

DayStart DateTime
FridayDec 86:30pm
Beginner's welcome!

Quickstep III

Day Start DateTime
FridayJan 126:30pm

New Years Eve Dance
Sunday Dec 31st
8:00-11:00pm, $10 per person
(with potluck dinner at 7pm)
Seating limited to 40 people
Sign up and payment required
 by December 20th

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