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Peggi L. Morrow
is the manager and owner of the Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio. She started her ballroom training with a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Columbia, SC, in 1981. Certified in their Bronze Syllabus, she taught several years there attending & competing with her students at regional and national competitions. Her jazz training has added to her understanding of movement, especially in the Latin dances. After several years with the Astaire system, Peggi taught social classes at the University of S.C. for their evening program and the Physical Education Dept. Upon moving to NH, Peggi taught Latin classes with the Continuing Education Dept. of UNH. She joined the Portsmouth Ballroom staff in 1995, and has been teaching social dance there ever since. In 1996, she started a dance camp - Ballroom Vermont - for dance enthusiasts, which continues to grow each year.

started dancing at an early age, taught by his parents who were both avid social and amateur competitors. Although he started with ballroom, his formal training is Philippine cultural dances, a dance genre with very strong Spanish influence, the result of the Philippines more than 300 years of close historical connection with Spain. A member of the Philippines Folk Dance Society, he toured with a dance company and performed in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. In 1992 he joined the Filipino American Friendship Society of New Hampshire as its cultural director. During his term, he trained a core group of instructors and formed a dance troupe and performed in the Bayside Expo Center and the Shell in Boston during Massachusetts cultural week in 1993. He came full circle in his career when in 1995 he came back to his ballroom roots and joined the team at the Portsmouth Ballroom.

has been a dance instructor at the Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio since 2002. She has been dancing for many years and was a dance major at the Boston Conservatory of Music, which included ballet, modern, & jazz. After receiving a music degree from the University of New Hampshire, she taught music in the public school system and has sung with several seacoast choral groups for the past two decades. Through the years she has enjoyed ballroom dancing, and when she took it up as a course of study, she made a goal to become an instructor. Robin thoroughly enjoys teaching ballroom dance and has studied privately with national competitor Ed Simon, and Esther Don, a well known competition organizer.

Joanne has been teaching dancing at the Portsmouth Ballroom since 2005.  She started dancing about twenty years ago at the PBR but since then has taken a variety of smooth, swing, and latin classes in Maine and Massachusetts.   If only her shoes could talk!  Her personal favorites are waltz and west coast swing.  "Dancing is one the the best things that ever happened in my life.  I love the music, the energy, and the friendships that come with dance.  The frosting on the cake is sharing my passion for dance through teaching."
 Carpe Saltatio!

Jocelyn has been involved in ballroom dance and teaching for more than 15 years, albeit intermittently. Her training background began in the southwest and included Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire studios. Teaching competetive and social dancing, Jocelyn chose to pursue the social ballroom track. She has studied with such luminaries as Joe Bennetti , Eddie Simon and currently, with Ron Gursky. She especially enjoys building a firm foundation for both new and experienced dancers, sharing her passion for the beauty of two people moving together harmoniously.

is a resident of North Hampton and active with community arts, dance and choral groups. He has been teaching dance since 2001. As an avid social dancer, he has hosted many MASSABA dances as well as our Portsmouth "Senior Friends" organization dances. Tom says "Becoming a dancer opens the door to so many dance venues, such as elegant and romantic ballrooms, sizzling salsa night clubs or swinging in bluesy pubs. Dancing is one of my passions because it is the synthesis of human expression; worldwide, past & present, expressed in movement & music."

Ron Gursky   (Guest Artist)
has taught dance in the Boston area for more than 25 years and has trained many of the area's fine amateurs and professionals. He is on the faculty of many professional training conventions locally and nationally. In addition to the current fashions in partner dance, Ron also has an extensive background in Historical and National dance.

has been dancing for thirteen years. He and his wife are (still) students of Peggi, and take classes with a group that has been together for those years.  John has been a Teachers Assistant for Luis, Tom, and Joanne, and has been teaching classes of his own for the last couple of years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, and helping others realize that yes, they can dance.  John blames his dance addiction on his wife, who made him come to their first class.  Once he realized how much he enjoyed the mental and physical challenge,  there was no going back.

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