Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio
948 Route 1 Bypass, Portsmouth, NH
(603) 433-2009

Other Events

A number of events which are not sponsored by The Portsmouth Ballroom take place at the The Portsmouth Ballroom each week. The following are regularly scheduled.

Jazz Class with  Ralph Hamilton
Saturdays 2-4

Adult Beginner Ballet for Exercise with  Jewel Beth Davis

Saturdays 12-1pm   

contact :Jewel  (978) 239-4500

Summer hours  11:00am-12:15 starting June 1

Winter hours  12 noon-1:15  Sept 21st on

                                                                     $50 per 4 week course

BALLET FOR EXERCISE is a one-hour class that introduces adult learners to the joys of ballet as exercise, art form and movement system. Some of the many results are grace, strength, balance and improved posture and confidence. Students who persevere discover the potential of their bodies as works of art. The class will include barre, center and floor exercises, based on Vaganova Technique. Focus is on body placement, musicality, strength and flexibility. Please wear form-fitting clothes or yoga wear and ballet slippers.

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