Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio
948 Route 1 Bypass, Portsmouth, NH
(603) 433-2009

Dance Links
Dance Showcase Links
    Lynda and Ron - Rumba https://youtu.be/ZeRjE0LOBxM
    Lynda, Jim, and Ron - Cha Cha https://youtu.be/Ltpcm9wJpTA

    Lynda and Ron - Fusion Waltz https://youtu.be/zirDtm118fw
    Lynda and Jim - Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston https://youtu.be/aCs2nyJnKZU

    Lynda and Ron - Paso Doble  http://youtu.be/3x5TOy663ZI
    Lynda and Jim - Foxtrot  http://youtu.be/p619k0KdKsI

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